What is an algebraic expression?

An algebraic is an expression in mathematics which consists of variables, numbers, and the various operations. Example 2x + 3y, x2– y2

Example: Tommy has 12 marbles and 10 stickers. He divides the into 3 equal parts and puts each in a bag. He divides the stickers into 2 equal parts and puts them each into a container. Now he has 3 bags of marbles and 2 containers of stickers. Writing this as an algebraic expression, we have, 3b +2c

Example: Write the following phrases as algebraic expressions.



two cats and one dog

a number x plus 5

a number y decreased by 6

a number x, increased by 10

15 more than a number x

y less than 20

the product of 3 and a number x plus 4

the quotient of 12 and a number y minus 6 

Algebraic Expression

2c + d

x + 5

y – 6

x + 10

x + 15

20 – y

3x + 4

(12 ÷ y) – 6